February 11, 2021

Things women don’t want to talk about with Dr. Sarah Boyles

Dr. Boyles is a urogynecologist  who specializes in female pelvic floor health. She teaches women about how their bladder works, where it can go wrong, and how to make it better and empowers them to manage their leakage and win back their confidence.


Today we talk about all things pelvic floor health, the issues we face as women (that we don’t want to talk about!) and how we can improve it all. 


Highlights from the episode:

  • What exactly is the pelvic floor
  • The biggest issues women face with their pelvic floor 
  • Who exactly is affected by bladder issues
  • The psychological element contented to “leakage”
  • A plan of action for those dealing with bladder issues
  • Strategies you can implement right now



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